meet the team

We are a Deaf crew and love what we do.


erin bentley, co-founder

Erin has over five years of experience working at a preschool as a sign language mentor and media designer. Erin also coordinated a summer camp for deaf children and youth for four years. She is known for coming up with new ASL songs. Erin is also a mother of two hearing children who are bilingual in ASL and English. Erin has a passion not for just children but for bringing families together.


alayna finley, co-founder

Alayna worked for nine years in family literacy, supporting families with deaf children/ parents. She did an internship at Gallaudet University in a parent-infant program. She is a Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing and completed a thesis as part of a Master of Arts in Deaf Education. Alayna is passionate about the benefits of early bilingualism, ASL and English literacy, and language play.